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  • 05 Oct 2020

1. Relevant paperwork

Identity documents, medical aid cards, policy forms, insurance forms, scripts, a list of your medications, any previous medical records, a list of emergency contact numbers… keep all your paperwork together in a folder, close at hand throughout your stay. This will help the hospital staff to better handle your stay and respond to your needs.

2. Personal toiletries

The hospital bathroom will only have the bare essentials when it comes to bath products. Make sure you feel comfortable by bringing along your personal toiletries like body wash, lotion, hairbrush, shampoo, and your toothbrush and paste. It’s also a good idea to include hand cream and lip balm.

3. Comfortable sleepwear

If you’re allowed to wear your own clothes, opt for some comfy, button-up pyjamas to make sure you can sleep with ease and stay cosy. Hospitals tend to be cold at night so don’t forget socks and slippers.

4. A small amount of cash

To avoid theft, avoid taking credit or debit cards to hospital with you, and the same goes for large amounts of cash. Keep a small amount for use at the hospital coffee shop or vending machines. Keep the amount low and store it safely away in your belongings where it can’t be tempting to others. On that note, best to leave expensive items like jewellery and expensive keepsakes at home to avoid loss or theft.

5. Something to keep you busy

While many hospitals have TVs in their rooms, you might not find a channel you like or be able to watch TV for recovery reasons. Bring along crossword puzzles, magazines, or a hand craft like knitting to occupy your time. If you want to bring your Kindle, laptop, mobile phone, or any other electronic device, sure to check the hospital’s policy for these devices before you are admitted. And don’t forget your earphones!

  • Medi Pharm
  • 05 Oct 2020
At OverSure, we believe in helping you to live your best life. This means giving you access to the cover you need to protect you and your family in emergency or crisis situations. It also means helping you to enjoy the benefits of a life well lived. And this is where our Lifestyle Rewards programme comes in.
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  • 05 Oct 2020
Many people think that they don’t need medical insurance (as they are too young or healthy) or that all medical cover is expensive and they simply can’t afford either medical aid or medical insurance. But this is not the case!